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Juro Submission Policy

The Journal for Undergraduate Research publishes original research papers in the areas of humanities, social sciences, and policy as well as art-related content. The journal embraces the definition for humanities as established by the Center for Humanities and Arts; the humanities encompass philosophical, historical, social, ethical, legal, aesthetic, religious, linguistic, and ideological investigations of our world.

For the annual Best of CURO issue, the undergraduate must present at the annual CURO Symposium in order to be eligible for publication. Special issues set their own guidelines and announce eligibility requirements as the topic is agreed upon.

Individual presentation of the submission may vary slightly depending on the nature of the research; however, the following general format should be adhered to as closely as possible. The cover page should include the researcher’s name, the faculty advisor’s name, and the institution attended, as well as the researcher’s major and year of projected graduation. This should be followed immediately by the abstract. The research article itself may be organized into the following sections: introduction, methods, findings, conclusion, and references.

Additionally, work submitted to JURO@GA must adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Maximum length is thirty pages double-spaced. Theses can be shortened to comprise the central idea of the research in order to be eligible for publication in the journal.

2. All submissions are submitted in English unless other arrangements are made.

3. All work must be submitted with an abstract no longer than 250 words. The abstract should provide a background sufficient to establish a context for understanding the research, summarize the research article itself, and highlight the major results.

4. The references section should be organized according to the standard format for the individual discipline the research topic falls under, e.g. Modern Language Association, Council of Biology Editors, American Psychological Association, or Chicago style format.

5. Work must be fully represented in digital form (for papers use .doc format and 12pt Times New Roman font) and emailed to JURO@uga.edu.

6. All submissions must be accompanied by a completed Submission and Faculty Advisor Approval Form. Follow this link to the form: Submission Form.

Any work that has been previously published elsewhere may be submitted to JURO@GA if the submission is significantly altered from its original form of publication. Determination of the copyright requirements of any previous publication is required for eligibility of publication in JURO@GA. This journal holds the author completely responsible for making such determination and assumes no liability in such affairs.

All submissions will be subjected to an examination of content with the review criteria established by the editorial staff of the journal. All incoming research will be reviewed first by JURO@GA’s content editors as well as other staff members. Ultimately, all prospective publications are subject to the approval of the journal’s Editor in Chief. Upon completion of the review of each submission, the author may expect to receive either a notification of acceptance, acceptance with revisions, or a rejection of submission. Any questions about the submission process or the journal itself should be directed via email to juro@uga.edu. JURO@GA wishes you the best of luck with your submission and looks forward to reviewing the finished product of your hard work.


Standard Review Criteria

While reviewing submissions, the editors of JURO@GA will use the following criteria:


     * Accurately follows submission process

    * Originality in topic, design, and written presentation of research

    * Clarity in stating the problem or thesis

    * Thoroughness in treatment of topic

    * Recognition of limitations or conclusions drawn

    * Understanding of research principles

    * Appreciation for technical principles

    * Organization of the research paper

    * Clarity of meaning

    * Ability to appeal to wide audience




*NEW* Standard Policy Paper Criteria

JURO has recently expanded its range of publication to include academic, scholarly policy proposals. JURO seeks policy papers which deal with a salient issue in policy through use of thorough, encompassing research. Policy papers must meet the standards of a scholarly research paper. An ideal JURO submission should make extensive use of a literature review or empirical study to suggest an answer to a falsifiable research question through use of cogent logic, clear style, and a developed theoretical lens. Rather than solely detailing a policy solution, the paper should expand the theoretical basis for approaching an issue or initiate dialogue between the academic and professional policymakers, providing groundwork on which to construct specific policy solutions.



Privacy Policy

The Journal for Undergraduate Research Opportunities collects no personal information about you while viewing this site, although you may choose to provide information to us in specific instances. However, we do collect and store certain information automatically: We use these statistics to help make our site more useful to visitors, such as assessing what information is of most interest to visitors.

This information is not shared with anyone beyond the support staff for this web site, and is used only as a source of anonymous statistical information.

Additionally, the submitted work which is not published is only viewed by JURO@GA Staff.


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