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JURO@GA 2009 Editorial Staff

Executive Board


Dr. Pamela Kleiber

Editor in Chief

Pamela B. Kleiber is Director of the Honors Program and the Center for Undergraduate Research at the University of Georgia. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with minors in Philosophy, History and Education from Ithaca College and a Masters and Doctorate in Education from the University of Georgia where she is a faculty administrator. She has served as the Editor-In-Chief of JURO since its inception in 2001.
Dr. Kleiber has taught, written and consulted on the use of focus group methodology in promoting citizen participation and developing public policy. She has written numerous articles and has co-authored The Electronic Forum Handbook, a primer on the use of technology in support of learning through deliberative dialogue. Dr. Kleiber serves as Secretary for the Board of Directors for the ArtReach Foundation (www.artreachfoundation.org), a nonprofit organization that addresses the adjustment of children in regions devastated by war or natural disasters by sending teams of professionals to work with teachers and public health professionals. She also collaborates with the Kettering Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical research foundation that focuses on enhancing democratic processes.


Matthew Sellers

Operations Manager

Matt Sellers is a third year English major and is currently planning to complete his MA in multicultural literature simultaneously.  He has done research on Robert Penn Warren's novels and plays and their relation to modern populist movements.  In addition to his responsibilities on JURO, Matt sits on the Executive Board of the Roosevelt Institute, where his main interest is in education policy.  He is also involved with Promote Africa as the Communications Director.  He is very pleased to return to JURO for a second year to serve as Operations Manager.


Kelli Canterbury

Managing Editor

Kelli Canterbury is a fourth-year student majoring in English and Anthropology. This is her second year with JURO, and her first year as Managing Editor. She has presented at the CURO Symposium and continues doing research within the English department. After graduation, she plans to ppursue a PhD in either English or Anthropology.



Hemali Vin

Humanities Editor

Hemali Vin is a third-year Microbiology major hoping to become a Dentist. She hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (City of Champions) and this is her second year as a JURO editor. Hemali is currently doing research at University of Georgia's Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Since entering college she has had the opportunity to backpack through Europe and spend time in Vietnam. She is very excited to serve as the Humanities Editor for JURO this year.


Tracy Yang

Social Sciences Editor

Tracy Yang is a fourth year anthropology major who plans to pursue a MD/MPH. She is on the executive board of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network at UGA and is interested in policy as well as research papers. She has researched immunological topics relating to the the parasite Trypanasoma cruzi as well as cancer. She hopes to have a career as a physician policymaker or health program administrator in the future. This is her second year with JURO.


Bobby Rosenbleeth

Policy Editor

Bobby Rosenbleeth is a fourth-year economics and international affairs major from Sandy Springs, Georgia. This is his second year as JURO’s policy editor. He also sits on the Executive Board of the Roosevelt Institute at UGA. His research is in the field of financial and economic policy, which he has developed through internships at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, England, the National Association of Counties in Washington D.C. and UBS Investment Bank in New York.


Sam Gray

Fine Arts Editor

Samantha Gray is a third year Graphic Design and Japanese major hailing from Springfield, Virginia (that’s Northern Virginia, thank you). This is her first year with JURO, and she also enjoys working in the Graphic Design Club and practicing with the UGA Swim Club. To relax she likes cooking/ baking while watching Disney movies or taking  walks while doing nothing at all. She hopes to work as a graphic designer abroad after her time at UGA.

Online Publication Team


Lucy Fu

Online Publications

Dave Howcroft is a fourth-year from South Africa but raised in Florida. He graduates in May with a dual-degree in Mathematics and Linguistics, though his current research is in quantum computing and trying to understand string theory. This is his second year with the JURO web team and he is proud to be taking over and shaping the direction of the site. Aside from JURO, Dave also serves as an Honors Teaching Assistant, helps Promote Africa on the Communications Team, and sings in the Catholic Center Choir. Next year he hopes to do research in Japan on a Fulbright grant, enrolling in graduate studies thereafter.


Jung Kim

Online Publications

Jung Woong Kim is a fourth-year student majoring in mathematics and economics who plans to pursue a doctoral degree in economics. His past leadership roles include president of Math Club and Honors Teaching Assistant. He had conducted interdisciplinary research in mathematics and biology, and he is now preparing to write a senior thesis in economics. He is excited to take steps toward becoming an economist who can contribute to economic theory, policy and practice. This is his first year with JURO.

Content Editors


Alexander Brown

Content Editor

Alex Brown is a fifth year student working on post baccalaureate courses to finish a Nutrition Science major.  He works on research involving body composition models for the aging population and has worked as a translator for the UGA Study Abroad program in Xalapa, Mexico.  Having taken upper level coursework in writing intensive classes, he enjoys reading material from the Humanities and hopes to incorporate his different interests into his future career.  While graduating with a degree in Mathematics, he was involved with JURO as a Content Editor last year.


Jessica Drun

Content Editor

Jessica Drun is a third year International Affairs major and Spanish minor from Lilburn, GA. She currently serves as the President of the Taiwanese American Student Association at UGA and is also on the executive board of our China Care chapter. This past summer, she interned with the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, researching youth councils and soft power developments under their umbrella organization, the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. She plans on pursuing a graduate degree and hopes to work in the realm of Chinese-Taiwanese relations.


Leanne Elston

Content Editor

Leanne Elston is a second year Linguistics major studying German and Turkish who hopes to pursue a career in government. She is currently working with Dr. Kretzschmar on his Linguistic Atlas project, which examines dialectal differences within the United States. In her free time, Leanne enjoys playing Quidditch on the Myers Quad. This is her first year with JURO.


Dillon Horne

Content Editor

Dillon is a third-year comparative literature major. He is a member of the Georgia Debate Union. He has researched the development of predictability in relation to astrology and probability theory as a part of the CURO Program. Dillon plans to attend law school. This is his first year on JURO.


Tiffany Hu

Content Editor

Tiffany Hu is a third-year Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major from Suwanee, Georgia/ Appleton, Wisconsin. This is her second year with JURO- she is interested in policy and social sciences papers. She is involved with the Roosevelt Institute on campus, and the non-profit organization Promote Africa. She is currently working in Dr. Stephen Hajduk's African trypanosomes lab and would like to earn her Master of Public Health in epidemiology. In the future, she would like  to become a pediatrician. She is excited to delve into her humanities interests with JURO this year.


Whitney Johnson

Content Editor

Whitney Johnson is a fourth year Philosophy major with certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. In addition to JURO, she is on staff at the Mandala Journal published by the Institute for African American Studies at UGA. Whitney has researched various topics in political philosophy including sovereignty and political obligation both at the University of Georgia through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, and in the philosophy department at Princeton University. She is currently constructing an honors thesis in the philosophy department under the direction of Professor Piers Stephens. This is her first year on the JURO staff.


Jeanette Kazmierczak

Content Editor

Jeanette Kazmierczak is a second year English major and Biology minor from Newnan, GA. She plans to attain a Master’s of Fine arts from Columbia University in New York and to later become an editor for a scientific journal.  She also hopes to someday write a series of essays comparing popular science fiction to great works of literature in an attempt to interest high school students in reading.  This is her first year on the JURO staff.


Bryn Murphy

Content Editor

Bryn is a third year International Affairs and Spanish major with an interest in urban environmental issues. She is an executive officer, choreographer, and dancer with Prelude Dance Ensemble, a member of the UGA Grand Strategy Working Group, a Globis Undergraduate Research Fellow, and an Honors Teaching Assistant.  Her research has included field work on environmental attitudes in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as collaboration through UGA Grand Strategy on a new, more holistic framework for analyzing national grand strategies.  After graduation, she hopes to give back through Teach for America, then pursue a career in environmental law or urban planning.  This is her first year as a content editor with JURO, and she is excited to read all of the amazing research being produced by UGA undergraduates!


Chad Peltier

Content Editor

Chad Peltier is a third year international affairs major who plans to pursue a PhD in political science. He is one of the founding members of UGA Grand Strategy, a group dedicated to collaborative academic projects within international relations, economics, psychology, and history. He currently researches the application of loss aversion theory to foreign policy, power cycle theory, and the quantification on national power. He hopes to become a professor at a research university and have a role in US foreign policy advisement. This is his first year as a content editor at JURO.


Beth Pollak

Content Editor

Beth Pollak is a senior magazines and biology major from Statesboro. She is a copy editor for The Red & Black and an intern at the University of Georgia Press. She has researched the effects of Enterobacter sakazakii in the College of Public Health through a CURO Apprenticeship and has helped author a textbook chapter on prenatal/neonatal toxicology. She is considering an MPH after graduation or graduate studies in health/medical journalism. This is her first year as a content editor with JURO.


Seth Taylor

Content Editor

Seth Taylor is a second year student majoring in History and Political Science with a minor in Arabic. He is currently conducting research on foreign regime maintenance interventions and federal education law. This is his first year with JURO.

JURO@GA Previous Staff

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