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Inside Stories: Research in the Humanities and Arts

Inside Stories is an educational video series designed by the Center for Humanities and Arts to help undergraduate students understand the research process from inspiration to product through interviews with faculty about their own scholarly and creative works. Betty Jean Craige, director of UGA’s Center for Humanities and Arts, and Pam Kleiber, coordinator of CURO, editor in chief of JURO@GA, and an associate director of the Honors Program coordinate the series. It is filmed by the Office of Instructional Support and Development. "Inside Stories, as a series, will give students a greater understanding of the creative process in the art and humanities," said Craige. "It will also be a valuable resource for future scholars and students interested in the work of those individuals we interview."

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Emory Thomas

Julie Orlemanski and Betty Jean Craige conducted the first interview which featured the work of professor emeritus Emory Thomas. Thomas recently completed a biography of Robert E. Lee and a companion book with personal documents and photos of Lee.

Judith Ortiz-Cofer

Judith Ortiz-Cofer, a Franklin Professor of English and Creative Writing, speaks about her process of creative research and the creative process in this interview conducted by Betty Jean Craige and JURO@GA Humanities Editor Patrick Pilie.

Celeste Condit and Bruce Railsback

Professor of Speech Communication Celeste Condit and Professor of Geology Bruce Railsback discuss their collaborative in-process work Transilience with Betty Jean Craig and JURO@GA Managing Editor Jeremy Johnson

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