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Best of CURO 2009

The Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the University of Georgia highlights outstanding undergraduate research at UGA during its annual symposium. The Best of CURO issue each year features select research in the humanities, arts, and social sciences presented at the symposium. For information about CURO, visit

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The Journal For Undergraduate Research Opportunities

UGA's Online Undergraduate Research Journal for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The Journal for Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the University of Georgia is an undergraduate research journal dedicated to promoting research as a part of the undergraduate experience by providing undergraduates an opportunity to publish their work. The staff of the journal is composed of undergraduates, and all work published is the product of undergraduate research.

Founded in 2001 as part of a greater undergraduate research program at the University of Georgia, JURO@GA primarily publishes research conducted by UGA students through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO). Each year, an issue is released highlighting undergraduate research presented at the annual CURO symposium. Special issues include a variety of topics and undergraduate research from the University and other institutions. The Journal is one of the nation's only undergraduate research journals for the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and has been listed by many organizations, including the Council on Undergraduate Research, as a space of notable undergraduate scholarship and an outlet for underrepresented areas of research.

The undergraduate staff is under the direction of Dr. Pamela Kleiber, an associate director of the UGA Honors Program. Content editors review submitted papers and prepare a select group for publication in the annual issue. The Online Publications Team creates the end product, which is released entirely online. With the unique medium of the Internet, JURO issues incorporate extensive multimedia elements, including streaming audio and video, to present the research and artwork of their contributors.

Experience with JURO@GA, whether as staff members or contributors, has led many students to academic careers and ongoing research and publication. JURO@GA is an integral part of the undergraduate research community at UGA.

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